Michael Annett Pre-Race Notes and Quotes: Kansas

MOORESVILLE, N.C. (May 7, 2014) – Michael Annett and the No. 7 Accell Construction Chevrolet SS team travel to Kansas City this weekend for the 11th race on the 2014 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series schedule at the often-wild Kansas Speedway.

The 1.5-mile track saw 37 cautions across the three races since a 2012 repaving. Annett, as a driver in the NASCAR Nationwide Series, has finishes of eighth (in ’12) and 12th (in 2013) to his credit on the current Kansas surface. The Cup Series rookie makes his first start there in a Cup car on Saturday night.

Kansas will provide a rare instance in which Annett has already driven on the track in a Cup Series racecar, as his team participated in a Goodyear tire test at the facility three weeks ago.

The TBR team at Kansas… The No. 7 Tommy Baldwin Racing team, with driver Dave Blaney, finished 25th in last fall’s race at Kansas, while current crew chief Kevin Manion, overseeing cars for Jamie McMurray, has scored finishes of 15th, seventh and 16th in the three races on the track’s current surface.

The race airs live on Saturday night, May 10 at 7:30 pm Eastern on FOX.


“Since they repaved Kansas, it’s had close, hard racing. I think it will be that way on Saturday night. We were fortunate to take part in the tire test there a few weeks back, which helps me because that was extra time on the track in a Cup car, which I had never had before. I’m looking forward to getting back to Kansas for a strong run under the lights.”

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Matthew Henry

May 11, 2014 at 4:32 AM

Would TBR be better off as a single car team? Because I know nothing of TBR’s long term goals regarding financial stability, R&D, sponsorship, and so on, some of my questions and comments may seem short sighted and unintelligent. TBR continues to struggle with handling on tracks less than 2 miles. Why does TBR invest huge dollars purchasing RCR engines and not invest in RCR’s chassis’? In January 2014 TBR said they had purchased one 2014 chassis from RCR, which may have been lost at Daytona. TBR also agreed to purchase RCR engines and by doing so would receive tech. assistance. How does RCR technical assistance help if TBR can’t run a similar chassis and components? How is it possible to maximize 2014 RCR engine performance using chassis’ that in some cases two years old? Why doesn’t TBR dedicate more time and resources regarding RCR’s 2014 chassis’. I would think TBR’s number one concern would be understanding handling characteristics, set up and adjustability on a 2014 chassis. I do realize the cost of replacing a chassis is far greater than a motor. However, almost 40% of the season is scheduled @ mile and a half tracks, Darlington included. Why not run Pro Motors, a less expensive motor in a 2014 RCR chassis? I’m not talking about an entire fleet of RCR chassis’ either, but more than one. Also, I don’t know how that would affect TBR’s relationship w/ RCR. My point is start producing your own technical data using 2014 RCR chassis’, data that will help TBR in the future, start getting a serious return on your investment, power means nothing unless the chassis is set up properly, tell Richard TBR is heading in a different direction and would like to purchase a few chassis and not as many engines, if he doesn’t like it he can “go screw”, well, a little more tact may be in order. Never the less, make those five in house engineers you hired this off season earn their money.” Getting a little emotional, need to refocus”. This brings me to my single car team theory. I know TBR has Sorenson and Annett brought sponsorship. I know you have two excellent crew chiefs and crews. I can only assume running new chassis’ requires testing, maybe wind tunnel, maybe time on a seven post, new components, body and so on, analyzing new data, in other words money. I don’t hear anything about new sponsorship, so the money has to come from somewhere. All these decisions are difficult and someone like me looking at it from afar always feels like they have a good idea. I’m a fan. I don’t worry how these changes effect the lives of your employees or their families, I’m not concerned w/ TBR’s fiscal obligations. As a fan I’m concerned w/ one thing, watching the scroll bar at the top of the TV because the 36 @ 7 are always two @ three laps down at every goddamn mile and a half track, you don’t get any TV time when your down that many laps. With the exception of California and Talladega TBR has not finished on the lead lap. No sponsor is going to invest millions to watch the 7 or the 36 on a scroll bar. I will, because I’m a fan, but sponsors won’t. Because TBR is a small team and needs to do more w/ less they need to see bigger returns on their investment, even if it means getting smaller and going in a different direction. Bye the way, scrap the multimedia interviews and keep the website updated, it reflects TBR’s commitment to their fans, sponsors. Never hurts to have a TBR employee get involved in these discussions either.

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