Tommy Baldwin Racing Visits SANY America Headquarters

TBR owners Al Heinke and Tommy Baldwin pose with Dave Blaney at the SANY America Headquarters.Photo courtesy of Drew Mistak Photography

TBR owners Al Heinke and Tommy Baldwin pose with Dave Blaney at the SANY America Headquarters.
Photo courtesy of Drew Mistak Photography

Peachtree City, GA (April 4, 2013): Monday morning, Tommy Baldwin Racing and the No. 7 SANY America Chevy hauler packed up and made its way to the SANY headquarters for a meet and greet with employees and media. SANY America, a heavy duty equipment manufacturer, is new into the NASCAR market and currently in its first year with the sport. Signing on with TBR as a primary sponsor for 14 races, and 22 as an associate sponsor, SANY America is very excited about the outcome of their success thus far.

Chairman Jim Frank started off opening remarks by commenting, “It’s been great teaming up with Tommy Baldwin Racing and Dave Blaney. We are proud to have them representing SANY and hope to continue a great relationship with TBR.” Frank also went on to comment on the success that SANY America has had in the United States, and their continual growth to becoming the number one heavy duty equipment manufacturer.

Immediately afterwards, the TBR crew was taken on a behind the scenes tour, and explained the process of how the heavy equipment was made. Special guest, Mayor Don Haddix, was also among the many guests who arrived on Monday morning and participated in the days’ events. Mayor Haddix took time to take photos and talk with both Baldwin and Blaney. His excitement about the partnership radiated.

Later, when speaking with the President, Jack Tang he commented on the importance of the event for SANY. “It was very important for us to have our employees introduced to the Motorsports program with TBR. After the success of today, our employees are excited and support the program 100%. Most of them are not familiar with NASCAR, but now they are all turning into fans and excited about the sponsorship we have with TBR, and that’s important for us as a company.”

Tommy Baldwin Racing and Dave Blaney head on to Martinsville Speedway with the No. 7 SANY America Chevy SS. This will be the fifth race as a primary sponsor on the car.

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04/05/2013 at 6:39 PM

Glad to see TBR and Dave Blaney team up with a great growing company, you can tell its made a big difference already. And I hope Sany and TBR stay together for a couple of years and grow together and reach your fouls!!! Good luck this weekend and hope you have a good finish, maybe a top ten.its comming soon! !!!!!


04/09/2013 at 5:05 PM

Dave runs good at texas cant wait to see what kind of speed TBR has this weekend, good luck!

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